This is our two furry family member Dotori & Bori, they serve as the source of inspirations for this company.


As they grow up and mature, they often have severe stomach sensitivities; they can often experience vomiting and diarrhea. No matter the size, big or small, your dog is susceptible to harmful ingredients in certain foods.


The branded treats or snacks they would eat caused them much discomfort, and it wasn't easy to deal with, along with life's responsibilities and a busy schedule.


So we started to make them ourselves. All the food they eat with very limited ingredients (I mean really limited). Instead of feeding them the same treats that cause them tummy aches, making our own nutritious snacks turned out to be much more fun!


Our treats are made with fresh, organic ingredients from our local supermarkets, such as Whole Foods & Trader Joe's. What goes into our treats helps maintain shiny and healthy coats, stabilize digestion, and enhances your pup's energy. 


All of our beneficial treats are made to your custom order, freshness guaranteed. Also note these specially crafted treats do not last for "years", as there are no artificial preservatives in them.


Our dogs' food should be treated like our food, fresh, nutritious, and made with love. 


Let's feed our furry family only the best!